Q&A with Larry Armstrong, CEO of Ware Malcomb

Q&A with Larry Armstrong, CEO of Ware Malcomb

You are instantly and acutely aware that a rarefied ethos drives the award-winning CEO of the renowned architectural and design firm Ware Malcomb, licensed in over 40 states with 22 offices, when you arrive to Larry Armstrong’s website. The first words which great you include:

The light of daybreak brings a gift
To be cared for
To not relinquish to idleness
To be rejoiced in
To not be squandered

The fall of darkness brings a gift
To feel accomplished
To not relinquish to disappointment
To cherish
To not despair

Larry Armstrong, Ware Malcomb

Larry Armstrong, CEO, Ware Malcomb

As such it feels inevitable that Armstrong, also an industrial maverick, and Steven McCraney have grown a strong friendship over the years through their mutual admiration and passion to challenge and grow the face of industrial real estate.

Space, place, and brick and mortar are simply utilities when allowing the visceral impact to become the driving force. “My work, both in art and architecture, is an ongoing exploration of the concept of layers,” said Armstrong. “I have always been aware of and fascinated by layers in the natural and built environments, layers in space and time, layers of intellect and emotion. Synthesis and interpenetration of form, of both that solid and void, of chaos and order, simplicity and complexity.”

Armstrong sees shifting tides within retail, freight forwarding, and delivery. The need to further modernize the industrial process with thoughtful and intuitive designs is at the forefront. In step to thinking of McCraney Property Company, Armstrong believes industrial development is the most dynamic and fluid sector in commercial real estate. With the “fall of the mall” and seismic retail shifts moving to online, industrial development will serve as America’s commerce outpost.

Armstrong believes the impact will be global but identifies specific geographic regions to watch. “We are very bullish on Florida and see the developments being done by McCraney Property Company as emblematic of the future,” continued Armstrong.

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